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Writer, Director & Animator - Lee Hardcastle began claymation full-time in 2010 after online success with a little claymation titled The Evil Dead in 60 seconds. The following year he sold all his belongings to support an unpaid career and created short films that screened at Cannes and won a place in the feature film ABCs Of Death. He's gone on to work with Momentum Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Sufjan Stevens, Kill The Noise, Portugal The Man.

Other notable achievements include Pingu's The Thing which landed him in trouble with Pingu and given praise by John Carpenter. His fan film Claycat's The Raid was included on the international home video release. Most recently, he received the 2013 MTV Clubland Music Video of Year award for Kill The Noise.

To watch Hardcastle's videos go to http://youtube.com/leehardcastle


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I have a dedicated claymation studio with state of the art technology creating some of the most exciting crude animation seen since South Park.

What I offer is cool little claymation videos for purpose usually to help promote a product which is then uploaded onto my youtube channel to be seen by the hundred of thousands who've subscribed to it.

Past clients have included Adult Swim, 20th Century Fox, Rude Tube, Momentum Pictures as well as musicians kill The Noise, Sufjan Stevens and Portugal The Man.

For business enquiries, email. If you're an unsigned musician looking for a cheap video, thanks for considering me but I won't be interested.


I make claymations.. not for children.
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